Transition Out of a Dental Practice

Practice Sales

Here at Green Sail Transitions, we understand that you will have a lot of questions about selling your dental practice. You can trust us to keep utmost confidentiality in our representation to protect you, your staff and the reputation you have built in your community.

Our team of professional practice brokers will personally help you through the entire selling process from the initial meeting, through your practice valuation and dental practice marketing, all the way to the final closing meeting and celebration. Additionally, our financial planning expertise and guidance can help ensure your retirement is a grand success.

We deliver unmatched support in these key areas below:


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Timing and Planning

We are always available to help you determine the best timing for the dental practice sale. Our dental consulting team will help you evaluate possible tax consequences to maximize your gain from the transaction. We will also develop a clear communication plan for your staff and patients to ease the transition for the new dentist.

Establishing Value

We understand that your dental practice is one of your largest, if not the largest asset you own that’s why we focus on the details to help you get what you deserve. We are the only company offering transition services that not only understands your dental practice financing, but we truly interpret the value of your dental equipment. We can value your equipment accurately and fairly according to today’s current dental market. No other company can offer you this exclusive service.


Financial Guidance

One of the biggest challenges our clients with a practice for sale face is how to manage the financial proceeds and minimize the tax liability from the sale. No need to worry because our professional dental practice brokers offer expert insights based on over twenty-seven years of asset management and retirement/tax and estate planning.

Business and Clinical Guidance

Pre and post sale practice operations guidance is a crucial element in a smooth and successful transition. As buyer and seller have so many distractions during a transition, capable business guidance is fundamental to ensuring a favorable outcome. GreenSail Transitions is willing and able to provide that guidance.


Market Presence and Broker

Our goal is to provide the broadest scope of exposure and support for your dental transitions. Depending on the dental office marketing we create with you, we could potentially reach hundreds of qualified Portland dentist through our proprietary data base of buyers, but maintain complete confidentiality. We also have strong working relationships with many other practice brokers in the area and can co-market with them as well.


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