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We specialize in dental practice sales, acquisitions and mergers.
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Practice Appraisals

Green Sail Transitions offers the most experienced transition specialists to “value” your practice. Our expert practice brokers specialize in dental practice financing for dental offices and understand the value of your dental practice equipment. Our dental practice transitions go smoothly and easily for out clients

No other area brokerage company knows the true fair market value of your dental equipment. We don’t just use your accountant’s reports to value your practice, we know what your equipment is really worth. Couple that with your practice’s financials, we can zero in on the most accurate assessment of the value of your practice.

Valuation Options

  • Comprehensive Valuation: Appropriate for practice sales. Fee is refunded at closing from sales commission.
  • Financial Valuation: Appropriate for accurate value for planning purposes such as bringing in an associate with a buy-in option, selling to someone who is already familiar with the practice, etc. This service is a reduced fee since all the narratives and photographs are not needed.
  • Value Estimator: This option is offered to determine an estimated value that is appropriate only for planning purposes. It should not be used to determine values for immediate practice transitions.
  • Equipment Only Valuation: If you just need to have your equipment appraised, we provide that service as well.

Buy/Sell Agreements

The two most common transitions are “the walk away” transition and the “dove-tail” buy-in transition. In the walk-away transition, the senior dentist is ready to retire, hand over his/her keys to a new dentist, and then they sail off into the sunset with the completed practice sale. This type of transition is often the cleanest and easiest for all parties. However, many general dentists are not quite ready for retirement, but rather they are wanting to work for a few more years. This requires a dove-tail transition.

In this type of transition, we dove-tail the buy/sell agreement to benefit both parties. Green Sail Transitions specializes in both types of transitions and can easily accommodate the needs of both the seller and the buyer. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and we strive for smooth sailing for both parties in the transition.

Practice Consulting

We have been in thousands of dental offices across the country. We have witnessed first hand the good, the bad, and the ugly. With a combined 90 years of dental office experience, we can help guide you on all of the business aspects of your practice. Whether it is maximizing profits, dental practice marketing, goal setting, facilitating personnel issues, coaching, and even insights on clinical challenges and goals! Green Sail can help you. Our breadth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled in our marketplace.


Retirement Planning

Green Sail Transitions is the only dental practice sales firm with a licensed Certified Financial Planner® on staff. With over 27 years of Financial Planning Services for hundreds of general dentists, we can offer support and guidance that will help you and your advisors maximize the after-taxes net value of your practice and make a “financial plan” for the future. These services are automatically available to you as a Green Sail Transitions client. Our practice broker retirement planning services differentiate us substantially from other brokerages/transaction companies. We are dedicated to helping you now and into the future.


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