A Modern Approach To Dental Practice Transitions

At Green Sail Transitions, you will be a member of a select clientele coupling associate placements and the finest dental practices for sale with the top qualified buyers from around the country.

Seller Services

Buyer Services

The Green Sail Difference

Both buyers and sellers often ask "where do I start?" The GST team will always answer the phone to advise you! We will listen. We want to understand your unique goals and objectives, after all, everyone has different visions and needs. Furthermore, every dental practice is different and each dentist has different skill sets.

Whether you are ready to sell today or are just gathering information about a future sale, you've come to the right place. We have different levels of practice valuation services ranging from a free, do-it-yourself version, to a complete valuation ready to use as a beautiful marketing piece for your practice.

We also offer equipment-only valuations and our exclusive "Financial Appraisal" that is a lower cost way to determine your exact value for sale "consideration" or future sale planning.

Valuation Options

  • Comprehensive Valuation: Appropriate for practice sales. Fee is refunded at closing from sales commission.
  • Financial Valuation: Appropriate for accurate value for planning purposes such as bringing in an associate with a buy-in option, selling to someone who is already familiar with the practice, etc. This service is a reduced fee since all the narrative and photographs are not needed.
  • Value Estimator: This option is offered to determine an estimated value that is appropriate only for planning purposes. It should not be used to determine values for immediate practice transitions.
  • Equipment Only Valuation: If you just need to have your equipment appraised, we provide that service as well.

Perhaps you are wondering when you should start looking for a practice to purchase or when it makes sense to apply for financing. We can help you whether you are ready to own now or just thinking about your options. The first thing you need to do is join our email notification list to keep up to date with the practices available.

Members of our email notification list receive regular updates on practice listings, associateship opportunities, Hygienist and assistant positions, market news and special notifications and offers.

When you sign up let us know where you would like to locate and what size/type of practice is right for you. Green Sail Transitions keeps meticulous records of our buyers and their needs.


We specialize in dental practice sales, acquisitions and mergers.
We Are Unique!


Green Sail Transitions was founded to bring the dental practice transition experience to a whole new level.

Started by John Van Leeuwen, CFP®, a 27-year financial advisor and Rob Kay, with 30 years of dental equipment experience, partnered to provide dentists with a level of expertise that did not exist in the marketplace. If you have a dental business for sale or are to looking to buy a dental practice in Oregon, Washington, or California, contact us today or learn more about our team.

A Complete Approach to Practice Transitions

At GST, you will be a member of a select clientele coupling the finest dental practices for sale with the top qualified buyers from around the country.

With GST you can rest assured the marketplace will know your opportunity exists.

We have the largest database of buyers in the industry. Our list is growing every day as more and more buyers discover our progressive methods for communicating practice purchase opportunities using social media and direct email campaigns. When we are faced with a particularly challenging practice, no problem! We can kick into high gear with our expanded proprietary national email list of dentists and dental professionals with over 45,000 contacts! Take a look at some of the testimonials from clients that came to GST after being listed with other brokers with no success!


Our Services

Practice Sales

 We offer all the skills to assist you in selling a dental practice.

Buy/Sell Agreements

At Green Sail we dove-tail the buy/sell agreement to benefit both parties. 

Practice Appraisals

Green Sail Transitions offers the most experienced transition specialists to “value” your practice.

Practice Consulting

At Green Sail Transitions, our breadth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled in our marketplace.

Valuation Options

We provide Comprehensive, Financial, Value Estimator or Equipment Only Valuation services.

Retirement Planning

Green Sail is the only dental practice sales firm with a licensed Certified Financial Planner® on staff.


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