Large Family Practice in East Portland

Green Sail Transitions is VERY proud to announce another amazing practice purchase opportunity. This is a large family practice with 3 associates and 1 contractor dentist close in on the East Side of Portland.


2016 collections were $2,482,647, 2015 $2,318,104 and 2014 were $2,249,175.  The collection percentage for the last three years has averaged 95.88% of total production. Treatment allocation includes: 23.94% diagnostic, 17.97% preventative, 37.43% restorative, 6% perio, 3% surgery and 3% implant services.

There is a very large patient base and it is estimated that approximately 70-85% of the collections are PPO. There are 70-80 new patients each month with limited local advertising . Most ortho and endo is refered out which represents an opportunity for significant increased production for a buyer who is comfortable with these procedures. The contractor dentist does surgery and IV sedation one day each month.

There are an average of 13.5 doctor days and 16 hygiene days each week. The practice includes Eaglesoft software, paperless charting, endo, surgery, and sleep dentistry equipment, Digital Panorex, 7 digital sensors, Cerec Blue Cam and more.

Owner’s adjusted net operating profit was $649,473 in 2016.  Collections are on similar pace, or slightly higher, for 2017.


The practice owner also owns the building and does not wish to sell at this time. It is a highly visible, stand-alone building on one of the busiest arterials in Portland. It is 2,685 square feet with 7 operatories. The lease is $6,000/mo. NNN. The facility also includes: 2 internal work stations, treatment coordinator’s office, small lab, walk-through sterilization, large staff room and a conference area upstairs.


  • 2,685 square feet
  • 7 operatories
  • Adec and DCI chairs, deliveries and lights
  • Digital panorex
  • 7 Digital sensors
  • Pharyngometer & Rhinometer
  • Two work stations within clinic
  • Large reception area
  • Digital charts
  • Cerec Blue Cam and MCXL milling unit
  • Eaglesoft practice software
  • Endo/Surg equipment
  • Lab
  • Walk-through sterilization
  • Conference room upstairsTreatment coordinator’s office

This is one of Portland’s PREMIER dental practices.