Candidate With 38 Years of Experience Seeking Position Near Happy Valley

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Happy Valley

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Within 90 Days (October 2023)

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Wave One Endo Tx, Simple to Mod complicated Oral Surgery, Implant Restorations, Routine Restorative Dentistry, Full on Four/Six Implant and Full Mouth Crown and Bridge Dentistry, Denture Fabrication, Cosmetic Dentistry


My father was an Army colonel and I traveled the world growing up, attending 18 different schools from French preschool to OHSU School of Dentistry. My mother was French and so I continued to travel to Europe and beyond in my adulthood as the desire to see new places was in my blood. I married young after moving to Oregon from Louisiana. I had started my studies in different disciplines of engineering, but soon determined that dentistry was my passion. I was accepted to dental school and then was accepted into OHSU at age 22 after 3 years of undergraduate school. In the midst of Dental School, I had the joy of the planned birth of my daughter who later became a hygienist and married a dentist who also practices locally. I graduated in 1985 at age 26 during the era of when only 2% of practicing dentists were women. After one year of working as an associate with Dr. Sidney Goodrich in Rainier, Oregon, I started up my own dental practice from scratch, in Aloha, Oregon and then three years later built my dental office building in Aloha. I delivered my second child, a son, who is now an civil engineer a year after my practice startup. In my free time, I enjoy dabbling in my artwork of paintings and ceramics, cycling, scootering and hiking and traveling. I ran a successful dental practice for 38 years, handling all phases and aspects of business in addition to dentistry. I had a staff of 6 and practiced approximately 145 doctor days per year and 175 hygiene days per year. I produced approximately $850K per year and practiced all phases of dentistry except ortho. I thoroughly enjoyed providing comprehensive and high quality dentistry to a loyal patient base. Despite retaining 3 staff members for over 30 years, on October 2021 , I sold the practice due to my difficulty hiring appropriate and qualified staff. I had planned to practice in my location for a few more years, however lack of staff made it challenging to provide the dentistry that I was accustomed to delivering in an efficient cost effective manner. I took a bit of time off after the sale of my practice and spent time in Germany with my German husband of 20 years. I have continued to practice dentistry during the last couple of years with Locum Tenens assignments and also temporarily helping two female dentists in both Rainier and Newberg, Oregon. I would like to locate a more permanent position in an office who believes in comprehensive patient care with providing good communication and high quality treatment. I am efficient in my delivery of care but wish to have the basic necessary dental supplies and equipment to deliver adequate care. I feel more comfortable providing a patient with a comprehensive treatment plan and working with a good team of specialists if required to deliver that care. I am flexible regarding the number of days per work week, however, I would prefer avoiding 5 days/per week of patient care as during this time of my life, I wish to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I do not mind driving a bit of a distance depending on the route and associated traffic. I will also consider direct Locum Tenens assignments.




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