Southern Oregon Dental Practice

Green Sail is happy to announce another outstanding practice purchase opportunity!

This is an absolutely gorgeous and profitable large practice in the heart of beautiful Southern Oregon where the climate, livability and recreation are among the best our country has to offer.

The practice is approximately 50% fee-for-service and 50% PPO and is contracted with only Delta Premier, BC/BS, Cigna and Mavrest. There is also an in-house plan. The practice treats approximately 2,000 active patients and saw 247 new patients in 2017. The hygiene department is robust with 10-12 hygiene days each week. Hygiene production is 40% of total production and is scheduled out 6 plus months. The doctor worked 212 days in 2017 and refers out difficult endo and 3rd’s perio surgery and sedation. Implants are placed in the practice. 2017 collections were $1,164,883 with an 99.69% collection percentage from net production. Adjusted net operating income was $458,534 or 40% of collections.

The clinic is 2,600 square feet with 6 fully equipped operatories and 2 more plumbed. The current lease is $4,418/mo. The facility/clinic also includes: off street parking, 2 restrooms, lab, sterilization, staff lounge, laundry, private office, business office, Open Dental software, paperless charting, digital x-rays, pano, periolase, endo/surgery/implant equipment and plenty of storage.

Listed for $931,906. Buyer projected net income after loan service is estimated to be $26,647/month.

Practice Details:

* 2,600 Square foot clinic

* 6 equipped operatories (2 more plumbed)

* Open Dental software

* Digital X-rays

* Panorex

* Endo/Surg equipment

* Paperless charting

* Shared parking lot with 33 spaces

* Private Doctor’s office

* Business office

* 2 restrooms

* Lab, sterilization

* Periolase

* Staff lounge and laundry