SE Portland Large General Practice

Green Sail is happy to announce another outstanding practice purchase opportunity!

The Facility:

Offered for purchase is this iconic SE Portland General practice. The owner started the practice in its current location over 38 years ago. There are 4 operatories in the 3,146 building (including basement) that is also owned by the doctor and is offered for lease to the new practice owner. There is a private parking lot, large basement storage and lab, sterilization, staff lounge, consult room, private office and spacious reception area with an aquarium.

The Practice:

The practice is a general dental practice that refers out endo, oral surgery, implant placement, dentures, and ortho. There are 5 staff members. Charts are paperless and x-rays are digital. The practice software is Daisy and there is a pano. There are over 7,000 total patients of which approximately 1,557 were active in the last 12 months. With only internal and website marketing, there were 207 new patients in 2017 for an average of over 17 per month.

The Financials:

The practice is 47% fee-for-service and 53% PPO with no OHP. 2017 collections were $861,619 and 2018 is tracking at $960,000 on 3-4 doctor days and 8 hygiene days. Hygiene production is and outstanding 43% of total production. 2017 adjusted net income was $410,564 which was 43% of production. The buyer projected net cash flow after loan payments is $24,970 per month.

Practice Details:

* 3,146 Square foot building (including basement)

* 4 Operatories

* Daisy software

* Digital X-rays

* A-dec, chairs, lights and deliveries

* Lab, sterilization

* Private parking lot

* Consult room

* Private office

* Staff room

* Panorex

* Paperless charting

*1,557 Active patients

* Significant specialty referred out

* $410,564 Adj. net income

* $24,879 Buyer net income

* 47% FFS

* 43% Hygiene production (8 days)

Asking Price: $807,616

Please contact us if you, or anyone you know, would like to discuss this opportunity or schedule a time to see the facility and all it has to offer.