Portland – West Hills Dental Practice

Green Sail Transitions is excited to announce another outstanding Portland, OR. practice purchase opportunity. This one will go very fast, so don’t delay!


This is a “bread and butter” general/family practice that has been in its current location since 1998. The selling doctor has been practicing since 1974 and is retiring. 2016 collections were $606,000 and the practice is on pace for over $631,000 for 2017. The practice provides the most up-to-date general and cosmetic dentistry including homeopathic alternatives. There are 4 staff members and 4 doctor/hygiene days each week. The office is open Monday through Thursday and receives about 10 new patients each month with no marketing. The doctor refers out endo, ortho, oral surgery, implant placements and some perio. The 4 operatory office office uses digital imaging and paperless charting and includes endo equipment, ScanX, I/O cameras, Panorex and more.


The facility is on the first floor of a business/medical building in SW Portland. The clinic is 1,180 square feet with 4 operatories. Included in the space: a remodeled reception/front office area, a private office, a small lab, an open sterilization center, private doctor’s entrance and abundant shared parking.


* 1,180 square feet
* 4 operatories
* PC, Healthco and Belmont equipment
* Panorex
* ScanX
* 2 I/O Cameras
* Patient viewing monitors
* Remodeled reception area with 2 work stations
* Private office with 2 desks
* Sterilization
* Digital charts and x-rays
* Plenty of parking spaces
* Large reception with fireplace and children’s area
* Daisy Software/DMC
* Sybron endo equipment

Don’t miss this opportunity!!