Green Sail is happy to announce another outstanding practice purchase opportunity!





How Much?

$746,801 PLUS A/R


About the Practice:

This beautifully updated pediatric office is located in the greater Portland metro. It has been owned by the current doctor for 17 years, and in its current location for 28 years. The clinic has 7 chairs, including 3 in private ops and 4 open bay. The clinic collected an average of $888,552 in the last 3 years (includes extrapolations for Covid closures). The clinic currently operates on 4 doctor and 4 hygiene days per week, as well as a half day on non-school Fridays. Prior to the Covid closure, the practice consistently collected over $1M per year, and is on target to collect $1,003,793 in 2022. The closure impacted the clinic and hospital work significantly in 2020 and early 2021, and has now rebounded. The practice utilizes Curve practice software, paper charts, and has digital X-rays with both sensors and a phosphor plate system, and a digital pano. The clinic currently does limited marketing and refers out endo, 3rd’s, permanent crowns and ortho.


About the Facility:

The clinic consists of approximately 2,693 square feet in a leased professional building and was beautifully remodeled within the last couple of years. In addition to the 7 operatories, the office also includes a large patient waiting room with a fish tank, a reception desk and front office, private doctor’s office, large staff lounge, sterilization room, private staff restroom and shared patient restroom in the common area, and a shared parking lot.


About the Numbers:

There are approximately 2,311 active patients, with an average of 13 new patients per month. There is approximately 40% insurance (Delta Premier, BCBS and Cigna), 50% FFS, and about 10% OHP. The practice’s average collections for the last 3 years is $888,552. The expected adjusted net income for a buyer is $244,805 after debt servicing.


Practice Details:

  • 7 patient chairs, including 3 op’s
  • 2,693 square feet of clinic space
  • Reception desk/front office
  • Private doctor’s office
  • Staff lounge
  • Sterilization
  • Curve practice software, paper charts
  • Digital X-rays and Pano
  • Average of 13 new patients/month
  • Limited marketing
  • Refers out endo, 3rd’s, perm crowns, and ortho
  • 2022 on track to collect over 1M
  • 3 year average collections $888,552
  • 4 doctor and hygiene days/week
  • Approximately 2,311 active patients
  • Buyer’s expected net income $244,805 after debt servicing


Please contact us if you, or anyone you know, would like to discuss this opportunity or schedule a time to see the facility and all it has to offer.