Green Sail is happy to announce another outstanding practice purchase opportunity!





How Much?

$1,450,000 inclusive of A/R


About the Practice:

This turn-key general practice has been in its current location in Vancouver, WA for 24 years. Collections in 2023 were $1,649,239, with 8 days of hygiene. Doctor production could be either done by either one strong producer or with an associate for a day or so per week. The 3,200 square foot clinic offers 7 Adec-equipped operatories, Eaglesoft Software, paperless charts, a CBCT and digital sensors. There are approximately 2,500 patients, with an average of 24 new patients per month. There is plenty of opportunity for growth, as there is currently no active marketing being done. The current provider refers out most molar endo and perio surgery, as well as some oral surgery.


About the Facility:

The 3,200 square foot, leased facility is located in a highly visible area with optimal street presence. The well-appointed interior has a great layout and houses 7 operatories, a private doctor’s office, an inviting reception area, a business office, consultation room, staff lounge, sterilization area, lab, CBCT, endo and surgical equipment, and nitrous plumbed to all 7 operatories. There is ample parking in the shared lot.


About the Numbers:

There are currently about 2,500 active patients, with an average of 24 new patients per month. The practice accepts most PPO’s, but not medicaid. 2023 collections were $,649,239, with an adjusted net income of $508,868. The net income for a buyer is projected to be approximately $307,165 after debt services.



Practice Details:

  • 3,200 square foot facility
  • 7 operatories
  • Private doctor’s office
  • Inviting reception area
  • Business office & consult
  • Staff Lounge
  • Lab & sterilization room
  • Eaglesoft Software
  • Paperless charts and x-rays
  • Endo and surgical equipment
  • Newer CBCT and digital sensors
  • Collected $1,649,239 in 2023
  • Adjusted Net income of $508,868 in 2023
  • Net income for buyer $307,165 after debt services
  • ~2,500 active patients
  • 24 new patients per month
  • Refers out molar endo, some perio surgery and OS.


Please contact us if you, or anyone you know, would like to discuss this opportunity or schedule a time to see the facility and all it has to offer.