Tips to Help You Transition into a Practice

Are you a general dentist, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, periodontics, oral surgeon or other dental professional looking to start and buy a dental practice? If you have a goal to become your own practitioners there are some important considerations to think about before you start the process. Here at Green Sail Transitions we make the process easy and enjoyable. Here are tips we share with clients on the road to owning your own practice.

Location Matters
Here at Green Sail Transitions we work with our extensive network of Portland Dentists to help you search out and identify the perfect practice for sale for you. But even with our network it is important to understand what you want. Do you prefer to be close to a busy street or in a quaint neighborhood? Does the type of building matter to you? Are you concerned with parking, location in proximity to other dentists? All of these questions should be considered before you move forward in your search. It is important to know what you want.

Focus on What You Want
We always tell people we work with to keep focusing on what you want. Share with us your ideal location, timing and an ideal version of your perfect practice. By making a “dream” or ideal list we can work together to get you the closest thing possible. Believe in your dream and it will come true faster. When you work with us, we align to your goals to make them a reality.

Allow Time For Transition
Our goal is to make your practice transition smooth and enjoyable. We help minimize stress by providing you with tools and resources to help you with buying a practice so you can feel confident about your decisions. We will give you a “Buyer’s Checklist” of over 20 items to help assure your practice transition details are covered. Green Sail Transitions will develop a closing schedule and our dental practice brokers staff will monitor the transition process to assure all the closing details are taken care of. Our transition dental broker experts will coach you with buying a practice and helping through the transition.

We understand that buying a dental practice is an exciting time, but it can also be uncomfortable and filled with uncertainty. The expert dental practice brokers at Green Sail Transitions can guide you through the process and help you find the perfect dental practice for sale. You can feel assured that your interests and confidentiality will be protected with our professional representation.