4 Steps to a Great Sale

4328945527_008f77ff67_bMaybe you’re retiring, maybe you’re changing locations or specialties, or just moving into “semi-retirement” with lighter work responsibilities. Whatever your reasons, selling your dental practice can be a challenge. That’s why Green Sail Transitions is here to step in and make the change smooth– and successful.

And, we have some tips we’d like to share. Lessons learned from years of experience transitioning dentists both in and out of great practices. Our Green Sail Transition tips include just 4 simple steps:

1) Improve your online presence

This piece of advice may seem superfluous, but many dentistry practices do still operate (and successfully) without a website! It worked great for you, but new buyers coming in will want to see a strong online presence with a slick, easy-to-use website, blog or other new content, patient reviews, and more. Your website should not only highlight your unique qualities and skills, but should operate with an eye for search engine optimization as well.

Perhaps more important, your website and online presence should make it easy for patients to access you. Do away with paper forms scribbled out hurriedly on office chairs before the appointment; give patients an online source for patient forms, appointments, and questions/concerns. Use Facebook and other social media to make your office visible to patients- and their friends. The new generation of patient is an online generation, and when your office is easy to access, they will become loyal customers.

2) Field your reviews

In terms of reviews, the online world can appear to work against you– don’t be fooled. Patient reviews can be one of the first things that potential patients look for when selecting a new dentist. And don’t think they always have to be glowing, either; the fact is, people usually write reviews in one of two mindsets: euphoric about their experience, or horrified by it. This is fine. Your job is to field your reviews by replying professionally and thoughtfully to negative comments (and positive ones too!). Potential patients are more interested in the professionalism and training of a dentist than the hysterical stranger who didn’t like the taste of his mouthwash.

3) Tidy up

Cleaning up (or creating!) your online presence isn’t the only place for housekeeping. Your office needs it too. Clear out all the nicknacks, family heirlooms, and personal pictures and take a close look at your office, waiting room, and operatories.

For the best sale, all of your clinic should appear stylistically current, clean, and well lit. Think white paint and maybe extra lights– potential buyers want to feel as though they’re seeing the entire space, so lighting is especially important. Take a look at what “the latest” in furniture and flooring may look like, and aim for that look when buying new. If interior decorating isn’t your strong suit (after all, you went into medicine, not art!) this might be a good area to outsource to a professional.

4) Have a plan in place

Your practice worked great for you, but new buyers will want to see a plan for the future that brings in new patients, reaches out to inactive patients, encourages referrals, and engages insurance companies. Potential buyers will be thinking about potential growth for their new business. This may be another area where hiring a professional— like a financial advisor– can be a huge boon. Talk with the experts at Green Sail Transitions today to learn what financial advisors or other professionals can provide the best service.

Green Sail Transitions is here every step of the way

We’ve done it all before, and we’re here to share our expertise with you. Our job is to make your dental transition smooth sailing. Call Green Sail Transitions today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Photo Credit: The Uprooted Photographer via Compfight cc