Recent OHSU Graduate Seeking Position in Portland


Baltimore, MD

Desired Location

Portland, OR


Part time

Number of Days?

3 days/week

Procedure Proficient at Completing?

Restorative and fixed procedures.

Of course, I have additional experience in the other areas of general dentistry, but am most comfortable with direct and indirect restorations.


I graduated from OHSU in June, and will soon be licensed in general dentistry with nitrous.  I plan to stay in Portland, OR, with my husband and our toddler and new baby (due in August 2021).  I will be ready and eager to work, starting November 2021, three days/week.  I love the detail-oriented nature of dentistry, and keeping everything (in life and in dentistry) organized and tidy.  I most enjoy the esthetic side of dentistry, and connecting with patients.  But what I’m really looking for in a practice is mentorship. I’d love to have guidance as I enter this next step in life, so that I can learn from someone else’s experiences and be as competent and successful as possible.

Desired Start Timeframe

November 1, 2021




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