GPR Resident Seeking Position in Pacific Northwest


Logan, UT

Years of Experience

1 (GPR)

Desired Location

Pacific Northwest


Full-Time (Ideally with the long-term potential of Part-Time)

Number of Days?


Procedures Proficient at Completing?

Surgical extractions, endodontics (including molar), periodontics, prosthodontics (fixed and removable), implant restorations, and cosmetic dentistry


Current GPR resident at Summa Health in Akron, OH. Looking to join a practice with associate-to-partnership potential and find a suitable home for my family (lovely wife and two beautiful girls). My priority is to treat the dental staff and patients with sincere respect and attentive care. Outside of dentistry, I’m also passionate about board game design, tennis, and skiing. I’m aiming to start a board game publishing company that I can devote my fifth day of the work week to as a passion project. Whether it is in the dental office for patients or at the table for family and friends, I strive to elevate people’s lives. I will complete my residency in June 2021 and am looking to join a practice thereafter.

Desired Start Timeframe

Within a Year





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