Doctor seeking Associate position in Oregon/Washington


San Diego, CA

Years of Experience


Desired Location

Oregon/Washington, ideally Bend



Number of Days?


Procedures Proficient at Completing?

Fillings (All materials), Crown and bridge (CAD/CAM). Extractions (Including surgical), Endodontics (All non-molar). Removable
Prosthodontics (Partial and Denture)


I was born and raised in San Diego, completed my undergraduate program at SDSU, and received my dental education at UCLA. Upon graduation from UCLA, accepted an Associate position in Eugene, Oregon and dove head first into practice. I opted to begin my dental career in a busy group practice setting to grow my skill set, and have worked the last four years under the guidance and mentorship of very experienced colleagues. I’m ready to take the next step in my career. I have always held patient care to the highest degree and with paramount importance, and am seeking an office environment that allows me to maintain this level of personalized, compassionate, and patient-first care. Outside of the office, my hobbies include: hiking with my fiance, cooking, and teaching our mastiff rescue new tricks.

CV available upon request.