Associateship Opportunities – Downtown Portland



This is a 3 doctor practice with a great patient base located in downtown Portland. It is looking for 2 qualified associates to join its amazing team. The positions are both full time (4 days/week) and require a valid dental license, DEA license, and malpractice insurance. 3 to 5 years of experience is preferred for one position, and there is no experience preference for the other. Compensation will be 30% of adjusted production. Benefits to include: Medical contribution, 401k contribution. Opportunity for ownership.

The practice has 12 operatories (6 dental and 6 hygiene). There is validated parking in a covered garage with a parking attendant present. The associates will have a dedicated assistant and two chairs to work out of. The practice has a thriving hygiene program, and the associates will have multiple exams to perform each day for ample treatment planning potential. The clinic is completely digital, has a CBCT/panoramic machine, utilizes CEREC, and has plans to implement 3D printing in the very near future.

The practice is owned by a Dentist who has been at DDA for 15 years. He provides a full array of dental services, including implants (restorative and surgical aspects of treatment), fixed and removable prosthodontics, sedation dentistry and some endodontics. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and eager to both teach and learn from his associate colleagues.






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